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Touch Rugby

***13-12-18** We move to the AGP (or on plastic) 13/12/18 with an earlier start time of 6pm. Please remember the footwear requirements, and enter the pitch only via the gate, no jumping over the fence


Welcome to Touch Rugby @ Rockcliff RFC

Thanks for checking us out – maybe you just want to know a little more or perhaps you are looking for something different, well Touch could be the sport for you. We are a friendly bunch who meet each Thursday and play from 6:30 through 7:30. Touch is a sport for all, so you’ll find a real mix of people from old to young, boys & girls, mams and dads… Did we mention it’s a sport for all? Thanks to our friends at Back Adders touch (check them out here) we’ve got people who can show you the basics and even referee properly…

So if you are not familiar with Touch…… The RFU provides the following guide (with some helpful additions by the Rockcliff Touch Section!)


Touch Rugby, or TOUCH as it is becoming known, is a minimal contact sport that is played throughout the world by men, women and children of all ages and skill levels. Touch appeals to both sports enthusiasts as well as those looking for an ‘alternative way’ of getting or keeping fit through a fun game, which needs only a ball and maybe jumpers for corner flags! But at Rockcliff we are bit more advanced than that as we’ve gone cones and markers!

The southern hemisphere hugely supports touch, which is no surprise as its roots can be traced back to Australia in the 1960s where it was used as a warm-up game. Currently over 300,000 people play touch in New Zealand. In England, the popularity for Touch has rapidly grown around the country, and is now widely played by over 15,000 adults in London, Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow, Bath, Newcastle and the Midlands. Thanks to the RFU for the text, but they missed is out! We play by the coast too!

The sport of touch is targeting individuals and teams from the local community who have a shared desire to keep fit over the summer months, whilst enjoying themselves in an environment where social interaction and meeting new people are also important. Thanks RFU, we are indeed a social bunch, post game there is always time for a drink in the bar, and we’ve not mentioned yet our resident baker in Claire who makes great cakes as your post match treat!

For those that have never played before, introductory ‘get-to-know-touch’ sessions are recommended prior to the start of touch, giving newcomers to the game a chance to learn some of the basics. Recommended may be? But it’s a simple game to pick up and since we are such a friendly social bunch people often choose just to jump in and we can coach you as we go. But, if you want a getting started session, we can arrange something, all you need to do is ask!

The simplicity of this game is unique; all you need is a rugby ball, a space to play and a group of friends. Teams are normally 6 a side and can be male, female, mixed, age and ability graded. Touch Rugby is a fast moving, minimal contact, evasive game that is played throughout the world by men and women of all ages and skill levels. The game is similar to rugby union but without the tackling, scrummaging, rucking, mauling, lineouts and kicking. Thanks RFU, nice description, as the name suggests its touch, not thump so the risks of getting hurt are really small. But like any sport, it’s a physical activity so best make sure you are ok for sport, and remember it’s possible to fall over even on grass!

This fast, simple and exciting game promotes the fundamental skills of running, handling, evasion and support play, whilst developing basic principles of attack and defence, without the fear of getting hurt. Over the past 10 years, I can only remember 2 injuries and one of those was some one running into a post, off the field of play….

SO if we’ve not convinced you to give it a go then consider this, again thanks RFU!


• Touch Rugby is suitable for both beginners and experienced players
• Touch can be played by both men and women together and is a great way of meeting new people or involving partners or friends
• Teams can consist of up to 14 players and can be mixed or single sex as we will be running more than one league, but remember if you want to enter a mixed team you must have at least two women in your squad
• Touch Rugby is a fun game for the local park or even the beach - or even the 4g pitch when its ready!
• Touch is primarily played during the summer months when not only is the weather more favorable, but the light evenings enable it to be played after work – but at Rockcliff and when the 4g is good to go, you can play all year round, 52(ish) weeks of the year…. You might have Christmas or your birthday off!
• Touch Rugby is a minimal contact, recreational sport that is about playing the game on the field and the social atmosphere afterwards.
• It is great for team building for groups of employees or members of a sports team
• There is no specific equipment required to start playing – just trainers to get you around the pitch safely
• It is aimed at all abilities, with coaching to help those new to the game.


• It is easy to learn and a great way to get in shape.
• Touch is non-contact and hence is almost completely injury-free
• It is a great way of keeping fit
• Touch is also much easier to play than most other team sports, with emphasis on the ‘more simple’ skills of running, dodging, chasing, passing and catching.
• It can be used within warm ups – I think we did a warm up once?

So hopefully that has made you more interested.... So why not pop along on a Thursday and give it a go...

And if you read all this, thanks! Feel free to feedback any mistooks I made...

Stephen on behalf of Rockcliff Touch.


Stephen Dack Coach
Stephen Dack Team Admin
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Touch moving to the AGP @6pm

No Touch This Week - 06/12/18

No Touch Sorry

No Touch This Week - 22/11/18

No touch, too much rain!

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