Code of Conduct


For Coaches:
1. Coaching can be a rich and satisfying experience – it is also a tremendous responsibility. Good coaching requires the ability to get the best out of all players
2. Children come first – winning second. Keep winning & losing in perspective
3. Treat each child as an individual
4. A coach will be reasonable in their demands on a young player’s time, energy & enthusiasm. Remember they have other competing interest & educational needs
5. Remember to reward Effort as well as Achievement
6. Players develop at different rates of pace – avoid playing the talented player by using the squad system. Those less talented need & deserve equal time. The less capable player may well be a future 1st team player
7. Encourage the children to play for fun & enjoyment. Never ridicule or yell at the children for making a mistake or losing a game – mistakes & losing are valuable lifetime lessons
8. People react far better to positive feedback as opposed to criticism – always try to stress the positive
9. It’s difficult playing the game without opposition & match officials – so teach respect for the other participants
10. We want our players to say “Our coach was brilliant, he or she listened to what we had to say, we were taught something new & we want to come back next week!”

For Players:
1. Play for Fun – not just to please your parents & coaches
2. Play to the Rules – don’t cheat
3. Don’t argue with the Referee. Referees will not change their decision and they might penalise you or your team even more. Remember that the referee is a volunteer & that the game cannot happen without him!
4. Control you temper – and your mouth. Lose your head & the team loses a player
5. Never give up. Always give your best. The game is not over until the final whistle
6. Be a good sport. Recognise good rugby & learn from it, even when it comes from the other side
7. Improve your skills. Work hard at training – if you do better your team will do better
8. Don’t be selfish. Co-operate with your team. Teams win, not individuals
9. Don’t show off – even when you’ve scored!
10. Be a team player. Encourage your team mates. Play by example & don’t put them down. Remember the opposition wear different colour shirts!

For Parents & Spectators:
1. Never force a child to play rugby, always remember children play for their enjoyment not yours
2. Encourage your child to play by the rules. Make it clear that cheating is not good or acceptable
3. Applaud good play – from both sides. Children learn best from example
4. Have respect for the decisions made by match officials by not publicly questioning the referee
5. Don’t get into arguments with opposition parents it can lead to bad feeling & lost fixtures
6. Never go onto the field of play – stay off the pitch
7. Never shout at a player for making a mistake. Never ridicule a player regardless of the team they play for
8. Teach your child that victory isn’t everything – playing as well as you can is the most important. There is no disgrace in defeat if you have tried your best. Rugby – “It’s only a game!”
9. Recognise the importance of volunteer coaches & referees. They are someone’s mum & dad, they give their time & resources freely to provide rugby for your child. Please encourage your child to listen & follow the coaching sessions